Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Zeal I - Origin and Quest Overview...

Dr. Fate creates Dr. Zeal in order to help fully restore his sentience.

Due to the emergence of Braniac’s New Multiverse Order (NMO) in 2009, the sentience of Dr. Fate (and many other superheros) has been siphoned by unknown magickal forces. Despite his diluted ontological energy, Dr. Fate has managed to muster his remaining magickal resources to create a single-use Tulpa (artificial entity) named "Dr. Zeal". Although Dr. Fate acts like a Non-Player-Character (NPC) in a video-game, he can communicate telepathically with Dr. Zeal. For others, Dr. Fate merely provides an automated response in the form of a superficial pep-talk.

Dr. Zeal's only mission is to ritually communicate with a living mathematical equation named "Xiixiiizky ZZZ" from Sector 536. Dr. Zeal's quest is to evoke Xiixiiizky ZZZ and ask it for advice on how to prepare a special hypersigil. Once created, this hypersigil would be activated by YOU in YOUR world.

Xiixiiizky ZZZ is a conceptual cousin of "Dkrtzy RRR" from the Green Lantern Corps. Whereas Dkrtzy RRR is the living mathematical equation representing "will", Xiixiiizky ZZZ represents "sentience". Xiixiiizky ZZZ belongs to a very esoteric occult sect known as the Mirror Lantern Corps. Although little is actually known about them, the Mirror Lantern Corps seem to operate in multiple realities throughout the Multiverse - including YOUR reality. Unlike the Green Lantern Corps., this arcane sect does not require a ring nor battery to channel and charge their sentience. Instead, the Mirror Lantern Corps uses mirrors and mirrored devices (such as YOUR smartphone or tablet/pad device) to shatter the fourth wall and reflect back the infinite range of colors contained within the entire sentient Multiverse.

If Dr. Zeal succeeds in her mission to communicate with this being and retrieve the hypersigil for ritually activating multiverse sentience, she will have fulfilled her single-use role, cease to exist and quest #2 to restore Dr. Fate's sentience would begin in YOUR world...