Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dr. Zeal's and Telepathic Powers' attempt first contact with Xiixiizky ZZZ

This image shows Dr. Zeal introducing Telepathic Powers to Dr. Fate.
Dr. Zeal's first mission - after speaking with her magickal creator, Dr. Fate - was to try and summon the entity Xiixiizky ZZZ by any magickal means possible: telepathy, remote viewing, scrying, evocation/invocation etc etc... If the summoning ritual was successful, Dr. Zeal would ask this entity for advice on how to find the hypersigil pattern in either the apparent virtual world or within some other imaginary realm - located outside the Fourth Wall. This hypersigil would unlock Dr. Fate's confined sentience and allow him to be a free agent. For the first summoning attempt, Dr. Zeal decided to try a combination of scrying and telepathic contact. She enlisted the aid of a heroine known as Telepathic Powers - who was well known for her telepathic channeling and interpretive abilities. Dr. Zeal noticed an appealing light-chamber near Dr. Fate and felt the best place to start was somewhere local...Telepathic Powers was summoned forth by Dr. Zeal for the task at hand... Here are some images of this telepathic summoning ritual...
And here are some videos...

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